Build A Better Business

I help businesses evolve and can show you how to best position your business for growth. Phil Rothwell and I run EcomEvolve which helps ecommerce businesses make the most of their customer data and a business school in Tunbridge Wells, with Claire Witz, called GrowthSteps which aims to help small businesses and owners flourish and grow.

With the help of my Structured Business Reviews, Business Review Workshops or Small Biz Reviews you will gain a roadmap for a more successful business. I can also provide follow-on guidance and ongoing support, if required, and I have a wide and varied experience as a non-executive director of growing businesses and those facing pressure to change and evolve.

Do you:-

  • want to review this year’s performance before you plan for next year
  • have some big decisions to make about your business?
  • want a better aligned team?
  • need to react to a changing world so your business can start to grow again?
  • want to consider a new direction for the business?
  • intend to buy, sell or diversify?

If you answer yes to any of the above get in touch. I will help you move forward with confidence and transform your business.

Find out more about my experience here and call me today to discuss a new, exciting and more profitable future for your business.

Ring me any time to discuss on 07968 183055

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