First Reviews of Last Summer Night Draft

'This is a magical story of a troubled young woman unlocking the agency and potential of a questioning and questing mind. Through her interactions with a range of skillfully drawn characters, young and older, she charts a course towards fulfilment. The author, as in his first novel, layers onto the story a luridly rich sense of place that shapes lives as profoundly as any living and breathing character. As Pandora wrestles with her ennui and self-doubt we share an unputdownable journey towards her utterly uplifting transformation. You don’t dip into Last Summer’s Night; for a brief, compelling period, you are beside Pandora, and you will finish this novel hungry for a TV adaptation, so that you might savour again Orkney’s history and rich significance.' RSS August 2020


'I have just finished reading Last Summer Night and can honestly say that I absolutely loved it and it was unputdownable. It has made me laugh out loud and also weep. Your characters are so engaging and the twists and turns of the story lines are immensely satisfying for me as a reader. It was just fabulous. I also feel quite emotional from some of the statements in the book. It is life affirming in so many ways.' Nicola - Dec 2019


'A wonderfully readable book that has lots of interesting and unusual characters who in a crazy story of love, loss, fun, sadness and hope travel through life in just one night in Kirkwall. You feel you are also wandering the streets of Kirkwall and you get to know Orkney along with its history and Viking heritage.' Carol - Jan 2020


'Mark, it is utterly readable, fantastically pacy and the sense of place is visceral, credible and joyous. It was a pleasure and a joy to be one of the first to read your new book.' Richard - Jan 2020



Reaction to The Falmouth Son 

'The Falmouth Son is a memorable and often beautifully written story about the culture of silence that surrounds the lives of children born out of wedlock in the mid 20th century. It successfully evokes the close-knit community of a unique seaside town in the 1970s through a vivid cocktail of myth, character and setting.’ FAReviewer, Dec 2019


‘I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was quite a different idea. I particularly liked the way there are two interwoven stories. It kept me hooked!!!’ Judith S October 2018


‘I LOVED your book sooo much – its been a fantastic read.  I really liked the way the special book was intwined in the book – I think it works perfectly !!  I love the way you write  = desciptive but not too much  – when is the next one – are you continuing with Fyche ??’ NS May 2018


‘I loved it. I mean by this not platitudes but actual proper enjoyed it. The writing was smooth to the touch like turned wood. I found myself eager to return to it, wanting to share the quest. The main character is endearing, frustrating and unique. You understand why the women want to be around him, you puzzle as to why they stay! Sense of place was hugely powerful too.' R SS May 2018


‘Really enjoyed this well written imaginative book. Enjoyed the stories about Fyche’s imaginary father and his search for his real one. A very different and unexpected end to the story. A really good read.' SG March 2018                                                                                                                                                                                             

'Set in Falmouth this is a page turner as you get drawn into a mystery surrounding Fyche, a young man finding his identity his father and true love. Lyrical, poetic and emotional it will make you want to visit Cornwall because of the evocative descriptions found within the pages of this special novel.' FD March 2018


‘Super book. Couldn’t put it down.' TN March 2018


‘I have just finished your book finding myself with tears in my eyes – you have power in your writing. You have so much to say and knowledge to broadcast. The poetic narrative of “The Special Book” could happily stand on its own. Many congratulations and let us have more of your imaginative thinking and power of expression.'  MT March 2018


'Like all good hero’s Fyche finds himself constantly in trouble, partly due to his past but mainly fuelled by his increasing determination to uncover who his father is in the wake of his mother’s death. From the start you can’t help liking Fyche and as the book goes on you find yourself wanting him to get to the truth and for there to be a happy ending to his story. Mark’s depictions of Falmouth and the people who live there are enchanting, I particularly enjoyed his descriptions of the sea, the town and the character of the place. All in all, an engaging and page turning read, looking forward to reading the next one!' Kate Edom, February 2021


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