The Simmer Dim

The Simmer Dim

Last Summer Night Begins, or is it the Simmer Dim?

So, after much deliberating I have a good draft of Last Summer Night, the book I have been working on for the past two years. At 110k words it is still too long and I’m still not sure which bits to cut back on. I need a bit of space from it to help me decide.

Meanwhile, I have started planning the next book. I was going to start the third book in The Lingering Past Trilogy but I’ve decided to have a go at a story about the search for a mass murderer in a very dangerous place instead.

For me, the nice thing about writing is that it is a wholely creative and emergent process. At any one time some ideas are more bouyant and dominant than others and this new idea is what I want to spend 2020 developing.

I want to get Last Summer Night published in some form in the next few months then complete the next book during 2020.

Wish me luck.


December 2019