A Rather Unusual Detective

Last Summer Night is done. At least the writing bit is. I'm waiting for a second round of readers to comment and then a few final touches and then I'll try and find an agent. If I do, great, if not, I'll publish it myself in a few months' time. I'm pleased with it.

Meanwhile, I have started my next book. It is a detective story with a rather unusual detective, who lives by the sea. I am experimenting with beginnings and voice and point of view and once I have them sorted I'll work out the story outline. This is much more planning than I have done to date, but now feel I am a little clearer about what I need to plan.

I have a feeling that I rewrite too much. That the more of my writing flow I can keep in the final version, the better. Not sure why. Just an instinct. Let's see.

I want a draft by xmas, but there is a lot going on around me, so that may be beyond me.