The First Secret

People have been asking me when I am actually going to get this blog started, so here goes.

“The 5 Secrets of Business Success” may seem a little corny as a title, but I keep coming back to it for one very simple reason: the things which I am writing about and which are so fundamental to making any business a success are actually deceptively simple. But that’s the problem, they are apparently such straightforward things that most people instinctively assume they are doing them. Their real meaning, the deeper understanding that makes them so powerful, is hidden; their power remains beyond the grasp of most and so of little use to you and your business. They really are “secrets” to most people and no matter how many times I try and think of a new title for this book I just come back to this underlying fact.

I am going to use this blog to tell you about these secrets.

The first secret is the most powerful, but beware, as it is by far the most difficult for people to grasp and you will find a thousand reasons why it doesn’t apply to you. Because of this I have developed a rule to overcome it, something that you can follow to make sure that you always get this right, providing you can get beyond the first hurdle and accept that it just might apply to you. This rule is “The Circle Rule” and it applies to any investment decision that you make. Some people have called it “the most powerful investment tool they know”. Praise indeed and thanks for that.

I’ll end this entry with the title of The First Secret of Business Success. Next time I’ll tell you a little more about it.

The First Secret of Business Success is to – “KNOW WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW”.

Back soon.


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