The Circle Rule™

Applying The Circle Rule™ is perhaps the most important adaptation to behaviour that an entrepreneur can make. If you apply it consistently, when faced with an important business decision, you will significantly improve your decision making success rate and your business will prosper. It has only one flaw and that is your own ability to find excuses for not using it!

The Circle Rule™ is so deceptively simple that most people don’t follow it, they assume they know better. In some cases they are in fact proven right because, through luck mostly, a decision works out well for them, but over time if you don’t apply this approach to important decision making you will tend to make more bad decisions than good ones.

If a circle represents the minimum level of knowledge you need to make consistently good decisions of a particular type and you have most of it, say as much as from 2 o’clock right around to 12 o’clock on a clockface, then you should go ahead and make the decisions on your own, as you are likely to make consistently good decisions of this type. If you haven’t, say your knowledge is limited to a smaller segment from 12 o’clock to 2 o’clock, then you are likely to make consistently bad decisions.

The problem is that entrepreneurs are normally very able people and they have a weakness for thinking they are in the larger segment when in reality they are in the smaller one. This leads to people frequently getting important decisions wrong.

Put simply, unless you are very experienced at making a particular type of decision, you really have done it successfully many times, then no matter what you think you are likely to be in the smaller segment. It is experience and facts that count, not confidence, or your position in the business.

The simple and easily dismissible kernel of the Circle Rule™ is this – if you have an important decision to make and little experience of making this sort of decision – get help, from someone who has!

Simple, eh? I guarantee you will benefit greatly if you give it a try!

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