Pop-Up Business Academy

My Pop-Up Business Academy provides short bursts of practical training for small business owners who want to build a better business. The Academy runs one day Business Builder courses that are designed to show you how to build the best business you can in the shortest possible time.  Based on my Amazon best-selling book “Build Your Ultimate Business in 100 Days” the course not only covers what you need to do but also why you need to do it. A little bit of theory and an lot of hands-on practical advice gained over thirty years as a manager and advisor. Together we will work step-by-step through a workbook tailored to your business so you will know exactly what you need to do next.

You will find out what I think drives success and growth in any business and what you have to do to put it to work in your business. As well as leaving you in no doubt about what a successful business needs, we will cover my 5Secrets of Business Success under the following headings:

  • Leadership

All successful businesses have effective leaders, but not all effective leaders have good businesses. Why? Well, come and find out! I’ll tell you how to be a much better leader and one that gets results in your business.

  • Decision Making

Managers only add value by making decisions, mostly investment decisions, of one sort or another. If you aren’t very good at this you aren’t likely to be doing as well as you could be doing. Let me show you how to do it better.

  • How To Be Different

If you want to make more money you need to be different and stay different: that may sound easy but it really isn’t. I will show how to do this to give yourself and your business the best chance of success.

  • Recognising and Managing Risk

Entrepreneurs take calculated risks: sadly, a lot of them aren’t that good at the calculating bit; the few very successful ones are standing on the shoulders of thousands who fail because they took on much too much risk. You need to have a very healthy respect for risk, and learn how to both recognise it and manage it better, if you want to survive and prosper.

  • Applying Leverage

You will never do as well on your own as you will if you collaborate and use others’ resources in some way, but this isn’t easy to do. Find out the rules of the game.

  • Focus and Alignment

There are several ways you can manage your business but many are wasteful and inefficient. There really is a better way.

Yes, I know there are six headings; come along and I’ll explain why!

Yes, we will cover Strategy and Marketing and Sales and Finance and the management of People , but not in the conventional way. I only cover the really important bits on my One Day Business Builder, the rest you can get elsewhere.

I run my One Day Business Builder courses regularly at various locations and on request. The cost is £199 +VAT per person which includes lunch and all materials. I limit attendees to 10. If you want to join one, or have one arranged specifically for your team, or your customers, then get in touch. Ring me on 07968 183055 0r mark@markballett.com

I guarantee that you will think differently about your business after attending my One Day Business Builder Course. Isn’t it about time you brushed-up on your business skills?!

Next One Day Business Builder Course- 2nd May 2014  Tunbridge Wells