Lloyds Boss Needs To Delegate More

Lloyd’s top man, Antonio Horta-Ororio, has learnt the hard way that you need to leverage other people’s time and skills, by delegating.  I should have thought he would have been asked about that at the interview.

Being parachuted in to sort out a mess can be fun and the UK banking industry has many a challenge for a competent leader to sort out these days, not least of which being Lloyds Banking Group.  Isn’t it strange then that the “chosen one” has had to take six weeks off work after becoming exhausted?

I am a mere mortal but recognise in others, as well as myself, that I have rarely had more than 5, or so, good hours work in me a day, although I have often been forced, by circumstance and bosses, to hang around for longer than that.  My philosophy was simply to prioritise and delegate.  The top man’s role is primary about Leadership, not doing too much yourself, and unless you are exceptional (a set of characteristics that I am very wary of anyway) you need a strong and complementary team.  You are responsible for: making sure you have the right team; they know where the business is heading; that they achieve results (and for being responsible if they don’t); but they need to do the work, not you.

If you accept my premise, that 5 good hours is probably better than 12 less good ones, and the accumulated deterioration in performance that can lead to, you should prioritised what you are going to do yourself, then make sure that your team is capable of doing the rest.  You then need to enthuse, guide, coach, align and support, like all good leaders do.

Antonio, you should be spending your time making sure you have a sensible strategy for sorting out the rather messy business under your control and the team in place to implement it.  Frankly, that’s probably enough for one man.  You need to become more of a Schizophrenic Leader (http://www.ballett.co.uk/leader.html) or build a team that has all of these ingredients.

Good luck for when you return to work on January 9th.

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