I lead business reviews, and provide follow-on support, that allows business owners and management teams to move forward with confidence.

All businesses grow in exactly the same way, following a series of, often disconnected, s-curves like those in the figure opposite. At least the good ones do, but most businesses just get stuck at the top of one of these curves not sure of what to do next and then bumble along for a while until they fade away.

I run the following business reviews with owners and management teams to help them to move on:

  • Structured Business Reviews – By working closely with you and your team over a period of about five weeks, this in-depth and structured business review offers clear conclusions about performance, competencies and opportunities. This proven process developed over the past ten years will allow you to see very clearly the best way forward for your business, so you can move ahead with confidence.
  • Business Review WorkshopsYou and your management team will get a fresh understanding of the pros and cons of whatever choices you are facing in these bespoke workshops. The workshops can be structured to suit your specific needs. I often run the following bespoke business reviews:
    • Annual Business Review
    • Big Decisions Review
    • Growth Priority
    • Route Map for Exit

    In just one day you will get a fresh perspective that could change your direction for years to come. My fees are based on a daily rate and I suggest a half-day preparation so that you get the most out of the day.

  •  Small Biz Reviews – Gain the advantage of my expert and objective input to your business with a half-day bespoke business review. Small or young businesses can then also get ongoing help and guidance with my Small Biz Support Package that combines the review with three months face to face and email/phone support.
  • Ongoing Support – A Structured Business Review can be just the beginning of a new outlook on your business. You can then continue to involve me in your strategic development as your business evolves in a similar way to a non-executive director.

I provide direct, objective and honest feedback on a business, based on many years of business management experience. I give owners, investors, and managers confidence about what they should do next, why, and also how they should go about doing it. To a large extent I do this by applying my 5Secrets described elsewhere on this site.

My role leading a business review, or as an advisor, is to make sure that everyone is very clear about the business’s strategy, that it makes sense, and that it can be implemented with acceptable levels of risk. I then very often help with the implementation and can be as involved as you want me to be. I often work in a non-executive director capacity, but I am considerably more involved and informed than that might suggest. For me, being an advisor means making sure you do the best you can for yourself, your business and your family.

A business review can help you to be much more confident about what to do next with your business; it could change the direction of your business for years to come. A lack of confidence is what often stops people from moving forward with conviction, or at all.  I can help you to become more confident about business management. I can help you to realise your business potential, in both meanings of the word.

For greater confidence, a little Inspiration, and how I might be able to help, ring me on 07968 183 055