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These articles illustrate how and when to apply leverage. If you want to make more money you will need to leverage others’ time, expertise, and cash; probably all of these things. Both the process and the timing can be critical to how well it works out.

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Employees: Who’d Have ‘Em?

Applying leverage, in its many forms, is essential if you want to build a bigger and more valuable business. In order to support my local business association, in Wadhurst, East Sussex, I recently agreed to run a business clinic for anyone who might want some help. One of the first enquires we had was about […]

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Value from Maps

Provenance is a great source of value even without formal intellectual property protection. We are all familiar with provenance being a distinctive product characteristic; it often donates quality food from a particular region of the country. For those products that have the fame, reputation, stamina and commercial clout geographical brand protection has been very effective […]

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The Rule of Three

All things being equal the best connected people are the most successful. My mother, Mary, always used to say that “bad things always come in threes” so she would be on the look out for the last one once a couple of things had gone wrong that day. More positively perhaps there is a rule […]

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Jake Bugg: 'I'm just a guy playing a few songs.'

Listen to Radio 1

Young people are a valuable source of inspiration. I am an avid listener to BBC Radio 1, a channel dedicated to current popular music and aimed primarily at the 14-29 age group. I am nearly twice that upper age, so clearly not the target audience. I listen because I like the music and the chatter […]

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Olive Breadsticks

Business advice is often harder to put into practice than it sounds. I have just spent a couple of weeks working in the United States and even though I was struggling with jet lag I managed to stay awake long enough last night to catch up with one of my favourite TV shows, The Great […]

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Sheer Hippy Pants

Why Lululemon has been so successful. Lululemon is fascinating. It is a phenomenally successful Canadian brand of trendy work-out gear. At the moment it is in the news because it is ditching its CEO and its Chief Product Officer after its signature product, thin yoga pants, turned out to be a little more sheer and […]

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Rent Boys

When does a marketing expense become a bribe? This morning I treated myself to breakfast at Wealden Wholefoods, a little vegetarian cafe in Wadhurst, East Sussex, where I ate the nicest scrambled eggs, drank coffee, and read the Financial Times: a really lovely start to a working day. I normally read the FT online so […]

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What we can all learn from super-achievers. As I have an audience for this blog in many countries around the world I worry sometimes that my subject matter might not travel too well. No worries today though, as I’m writing about one of the biggest global sporting franchises, or rather the man who could make […]

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