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All these articles show how knowledge drives value. Being aware of the limits of your knowledge is very important in decision making, as is recognising and leveraging knowledge within a business. In a small business what you know is often your most important differentiator and an important driver of market advantage.

pantomime ghost

Looking For Your USP? It’s Behind You!

Sometimes your USP can be as elusive as a pantomime ghost. I have been party to many conversations over the years on the topic of differentiation: how to keep a product, or business, meaningfully different from the competition. It’s rather important in any business but it often gets little attention. At some stage in the […]

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dirk bogarde4

Who Are You?

How a bit of Ancient Greek from the Temple of Apollo can make you rich. Dirk Bogarde, the English actor and writer who died in 1999, famously said that to be a successful actor you just need “one great look”. He meant a distinctive look that you “own”, something that differentiates you, helps you to […]

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Selling: The Big Issue

The best salespeople are most Aware. Sitting in a coffee shop in Tunbridge Wells the other day my wife and I watched a young man selling The Big Issue on the street corner opposite (outside The Body Shop if you know the place). Or more accurately perhaps, he was trying to sell The Big Issue. […]

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Take Small Steps

Don’t let your enthusiasm get the better of you in achieving your business dreams. The last time I wrote an article about Mulberry, the UK fashion brand famous for its costly handbags, I used the headline “Mulberry Trebles Profits”. That was in December 2012 when the share price was at £25 and the company didn’t […]

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Klout score

The Rule of Three

All things being equal the best connected people are the most successful. My mother, Mary, always used to say that “bad things always come in threes” so she would be on the look out for the last one once a couple of things had gone wrong that day. More positively perhaps there is a rule […]

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Nichely Done

Focus and specialisation are sources of enormous wealth. I once asked an actuary friend of mine when I was going to die. I’m 1.93m tall; I weigh 89Kg; I don’t smoke; nor am I overweight; and to date at least I have had no major diseases or illnesses and I am not on any medication. […]

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Sheer Hippy Pants

Why Lululemon has been so successful. Lululemon is fascinating. It is a phenomenally successful Canadian brand of trendy work-out gear. At the moment it is in the news because it is ditching its CEO and its Chief Product Officer after its signature product, thin yoga pants, turned out to be a little more sheer and […]

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